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Shortease #2: Two Housemates

Two Housemates is finally back with another season. The aptly named show follows the lives of Ryan; a yet-to-be-successful actor/hermit and Kate, an eternally cheerful and intensely imaginative history student; living under the same roof. Two Housemates is the brain child of Sean Joseph Young, who wrote and co-directed the show alongside Ryan Watson, as… Continue reading Shortease #2: Two Housemates

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Film Clichés You Probably Can’t Relate To

Ever watched a film? Then you’ve probably seen one of these clichés. Even the best of films can’t avoid them and hey, some even created them. Clichés derive from meaningful and interesting plot devices that have been overdone to the point of annoyance. Here are some of my favourites: Your best friend is in love… Continue reading Film Clichés You Probably Can’t Relate To

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10 Ways You Can Earn Money For A New Camera Lens

  Sell all of your unused possessions. In my case this wouldn’t even get me a lens hood but let’s assume you have some valuable bric-a-brac lying around.   Take pictures of friends and family for a small fee. After years of terrible Christmas card mock-ups, finally realise you aren’t being invited to events anymore… Continue reading 10 Ways You Can Earn Money For A New Camera Lens

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Shortease #1: Jack Garratt – Chemical

The more discernible among you will note that this is my first ever SHORTEASE where I basically show off a video that I have watched this week. I like all forms of film and the first I would like to introduce is the music video for Jack Garratt's track, Chemical. The vid was directed by… Continue reading Shortease #1: Jack Garratt – Chemical

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The Seven Most Badass Female Leads on Netflix

It was shockingly easy to compile this list of brilliantly sparky leads from across television and films. It should be noted that this list is drawn from a UK Netflix account and thus, I am not privy to all the shows accessible to a US audience. Katniss Everdeen, The Hunger Games Trilogy Although I have… Continue reading The Seven Most Badass Female Leads on Netflix